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Student Visa

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For apply a student visa take a hefty time to convey an information and gird a documentation file.The service is given by Indo Auz international to assemble a file of visa in Fatehgarh.  Many students in a year got a visa with the help of Indo Auz International. We make this very easy process because we are the expert in the service of immigration in Fatehgarh and that way students were grown very fast. Another option to obtain a visa for temporary stay and also for part-time and full-time study. For a permanent residence, nonimmigrant option is best but an immigrant visa is necessary for all purpose.


Any students whose schooling is finished and want to go abroad for further study, for those students Indo Auz international always ready to help for the visa in Fatehgarh. We are sure your application of admission is acceptance by the abroad university because we maintain your application file with good documentation and with well proof of your previous study certification. This way probability of your visa insurance is a boost. Before applying an application we have to follow some steps. The first step is college or university send you I-20 form and this is the basic step for applying an application of F-1 visa.

Visit our organization to know the more information regarding the information of immigration and visa in Fatehgarh. We are always here to provide the information. The one of most important information that is very useful for this and the news is a category of student visa in 2 parts. The first part is F1 and another part is J1. F1 visa is for full-time study course whereas the category of J1 visa is for exchange programs.

Now we discuss the requirement :

Passport: Renew your passport if it is expiry because only active passport is valid

The important thing is SEVP-  SEVP means students and exchange visitor program. It is the process of approving and acceptance by the institution. After that the acceptance your file is automatically enrolled in the student and exchange visitor information system.

Application form: Application form is filled online before immigration and our organization full fill the need of regarding the immigration in Fatehgarh and other cities like Mohali, Patiala, Ludhiana, and Rupnagar.

Your mark sheet: Show your graduation and diploma certificate and mark sheet. Because without this our file is not valid.

Crack Relevant test: Without crack the TOEFL and IELTS approval of Visa is not possible. So relevant test is very decisive. If you want to start an IELTS then contact us, Because we give the service of IELTS in Fatehgarh.

Your financial document: A proper financial document shows that your ability. It describes that you are able to submit the universities fees or not.

Choose Course: Before applying for immigration you have to first choose the course according to your choice. Because if your course is not available in that institute that is chosen by you then we find the institute at right time. If your choice is nursing, then this is also possible nursing in Fatehgarh.

Right direction of work and follow proper rules and regulation help you to get a visa and for an immigrant in abroad. If you go with right path and go with the full valid process then no possibility of disapproval of your file. So we recommend you to go with the legal method and that way no any problem is an occurrence. It is our responsibility to update you to with relevant the new rules and laws of immigration. Because this is beneficial to get an approval of affirmation.