Immigration is the best opportunity for every person to stay temporarily or permanently in foreign with correct and legally way.  Some people feel this is very difficult to get a permission of immigration by the British or any other country immigration officer. To remove your fear regarding this purpose, Indo Auz International helps you and provides the services of immigration in Mohali and for this good paperwork is very important. We all know that immigration is very serious process so valid and good documentation is very important, the interview is also held regarding the immigration. A mostly person creates many mistakes during immigration time period.

These Mistakes are:

Incorrect Information

Correct and valid information is very useful to approve a visa. but some people do a mistake and provide wrong information. When you provide incorrect information, then it seems you are fraud. So we suggest you provide valid and complete information. Indo Auz International is Famous for Immigration in Mohali and this organization also suggest you to provide proper information,

Late Response

Immigration officer needs additional information, but sometimes you give response very late. This is not good for you. The good applicant reply immediately at a time. Because that kind of applicant is very active for immigration.

Immigration Interview

To granting immigration, the interview is very important. So ignoring the interview is not good for you. Ignoring Interview is the big mistake.

Without fees filling application

You cannot fill visa application without fees. Some applicants think a fee of visa is very high and not affordable, In this case, you can request for fee waiver.

Do not Submit an application file in the wrong office

Before submitting a file, firstly read the address and instruction very carefully.  Send a file correct address and don’t delay.


Some person is not eligible for immigrant but they apply. This is very wrong for you and this way you create a bad reputation for yourself. Indo Auz International prefers only an eligible person and provides best services of Immigration in Mohali.